Name: Gibson, Joseph

Rank: Director, TASC

A key figure in the Imperial Incident and well known war-hero of the FSA. Together with Nathan Spencer, he managed to stop the Imperials and their Albatross weapons program. Currently the Director of TASC.


Joseph Gibson (aka Super Joe) started his career as a private military contractor in a small group called MERCs. His leadership abilities and meticulous attention to detail earned him the nickname "The Supervisor" and caught the attention of the TASC organization. Gibson started out in TASC as a field agent, but his knack for discreet intelligence-gathering soon made him TASC’s top-operative in the field of espionage and tactical sabotage. He was also involved in the development of bionics from the outset. When the Imperials attacked several FSA cities, Gibson was sent in behind the lines to investigate the threat. Gibson’s mission was compromised and he was imprisoned by the Imperials.  

Due to the sensitive nature of the information Gibson possessed, TASC decided that Gibson had to be broken free before that information fell into the Imperials’ hands. Gibson was rescued by Nathan Spencer and both of them moved on to stop the Albatross. Their mission was successful, and the Imperial threat came to an end. After a long recovery – the imprisonment and torture was far more traumatic than first assumed – Joseph Gibson returned to TASC and was shortly he was promoted to Director of the entire organization.

Having witnessed first-hand the success of Spencer's rescue mission, Joe rapidly expanded the Bionics Program, enlisting dozens of new recruits to create new "bionic commandos". But public opinion soon turned against bionics, and Joe found himself fighting to defend the technology. In the power struggle, Joe found himself powerless to help Spencer when he was accused of treason and sentenced to death.


When bionic technology was outlawed by the government directive known as the Bionic Purge, much of TASC's power was lost. Following the bombing of Ascension City, the reactivation of Spencer for one more behind-the-lines assault is Joe's best chance for redemption.


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