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Official: M. Bison NOT in Bionic Commando RearmedVote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Tuesday 01-22-2008, 08:19:52

The character seen on the poster midway through the Bionic Commando Rearmed trailer is not, as some Internet rumors would have you believe, the Street Fighter character M. Bison. Nor indeed is it Master-D - it is Generalissimo Killt, the character attempting to resurrect Master-D in the original game. If you'll compare his sprites in this image, you can surely see the resemblance.

While we realize that game universe crossovers may be all the rage at the moment, we have no plans for any Street Fighter characters to appear in Bionic Commando at this time (and anyway, if we did, the obvious character to choose would surely be Dhalsim, who could use his stretchy arms and legs in place of a bionic arm).

While poor Generalissimo Killt is often forgotten due to his more famous master in the original BC, and is now being confused with M. Bison in Rearmed, he's a fascinating character in his own right. 3 fun facts about Killt:

- in the Japanese version he is called Wiseman (or Weizmann, or any spelling variation thereof) and is considered a pivotal character by Japanese fans of the game

- he gets the rather unusual title of Generalissimo from the Japanese word soutou, which does mean "Generalissimo" but can be translated as "supreme ruler" or "Fuhrer"

- he does not, so far as we can tell, actually wear a kilt.


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