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BC Weekly Field Report: #10Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Friday 08-08-2008, 09:04:19

BCR Release Date

After many weeks of false starts, jumped guns and wild speculation, the word is finally out on when you can play Bionic Commando Rearmed. Just in case you missed it:

  • Xbox Live Arcade

Worldwide on August 13th

800 Microsoft Points

  • PlayStation Network

Japan – August 13th (¥1,200)

North America – August 14 (US$9.99)

Europe – TBC

  • PC

Worldwide – August 14 ($14.99)

Digital distributors to be confirmed!

We hope to have information shortly on pricing and release dates for the unannounced territories too. And in case that ludicrously low price and ludicrously high-quality visuals weren’t enough to convince you, we can confirm that downloadable demos will be up on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network along with the game’s release.

Also, you may have noticed that the PC version is slightly more expensive than the others – we put this to producer Ben Judd who told us:

“I can give you a song and dance about PC digital content being more expensive as a general rule... but nobody wants to hear that crap. I can say this: for the PC version we are planning on uploading some additional PC-only challenge rooms via a free patch so you will get more bang for your buck."

Bionic Forums

As eagle-eyed users will be aware, our Bionic Commando forums are up and running, and we’re delighted at the response we’ve gotten in the less than 24 hours since they’ve been up! If you’ve already registered for the site once, your username and password can be used as-is on the forums.

We’re still ironing out the bugs, mind, so do bear with us while we get everything in order. And thanks to all the users who applied to be moderators – we have chosen two of our most supportive fans, dvincent7x7 and Carnivol, to look after the forums for the moment. When the time comes that we need more, we’ll be in touch. Now go, get posting!

New Additions and Layout to the Site

We’ve also updated various other things around the site – adding a new screenshot viewer to the front page, updating the movie player, reorganizing the Bionic World section, and overall trying to make the site easier to navigate and more user-friendly. We’ll have one more addition next week to kick off the release of Rearmed, but apart from that, what else do you want to see here?

If you have any more suggestions for the website, let us know in the comments below, or over at the forums.

Final Rearmed Making Of Video

Finally, with less than a week to go before the launch of BCR, the final part in the 3-part Making Of Rearmed series has been released. 

In case you missed it, here’s the entire series:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

And finally - look out next week for the release of a special toe-tappin’ BCR launch trailer!


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Can't get in, oh well. Looks like Videos it is!
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Though I'll be a 360 BCR-owner I think it's mighty nice of you guys to put up some bonus challenge rooms for the PC kids. Too few studios are now going to this "no, you have to pay extra for everything!" approach and it's refreshing to see a studio still throwing down for the little people. :)

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