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Bionic Commando Rearmed approaching completionVote Now!

Simon Viklund, Wednesday 04-09-2008, 07:04:06

The final date for completing Bionic Commando Rearmed is closing in - we're stabilizing the game and polishing all the details now, and soon this product of almost a year of late nights and hard work will ship to a digital distribution channel near you!

Since the game was announced in January, we have released trailers showing off the single player campaign, the co-op ability and the challenge rooms - and yet there's more to come!

Capcom and Grin have poured so much love into this one, and I sure hope it shows: from gameplay to graphic style to music, this is a love letter to the entire sidescrolling genre and its fans, and the original Bionic Commando and its fans in particular.

Within weeks we will see with sad eyes how it leaves to enter the approval process, and I'm sure that just days after things have calmed down here at the office and our schedules say "wait and see", me and the team will already start longing to get back to the backbreaking work we've gotten used to during the project.

Needless to say we've already started dreaming about what retro project we could do next if the opportunity should arise... There's this passion for the old gaming heritage within the team - and out there in the gaming community too, as made obvious by the overwhelming reception that news of BCR has gotten - that make us dare have these dreams.

First things first, however - the most exciting thing for us right now is without a doubt to see what reception the game will get. It's not due very long now, so get ready to check it out. Don't make us waste our love! This one is for everyone that enjoys pure gaming fun!


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2D Retro project

In Top Secret 007 Simon answered that Blaster Master would be his next choice in doing a remake of a classic game. F yeah! Blaster Master has some of the best music and innovative and challenging gameplay on the NES. I'm all for it! On a side note, I play keyboard and actually learned the whole soundtrack to Blaster Master except for the ending theme (seriously, who would know that tune since the game was next to impossible to beat unless you had the Game Genie) so I can be available for accompaniment if you so desire. Hey, it's worth a try!
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Coming to XBLA near you?

Is the XBLA release anytime this month?
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XBLA release

It's awesome that the project is nearing completion, congrats, the gaming community is ready for the release. I 2nd the question, any chance for an XBLA release this month? The multiplayer aspect is going to be a nice update from the original. I only ask that you don't pull a daikatana or Huxley release effort...
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On that same note

Make sure it's not the opposite like an ET - The Extra Terrestrial release either. :)
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"approaching completion"

I think the term "approaching completion" was used a bit to liberally. Are we waiting until July now?
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NOOOOO!!! my orchestrated bionic comando dreams have been crushshed D: i have to do something to stop this!!! i need my orchestrated bionic commando theme! hmm i know i will post this message all over the site prehaps that will get some attention...
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Preorder on Steam?

Are we gonna have the possibility of preordering this game on Steam (for the PC users?) Not really too much of a big deal, to be honest, but it's always nice to go ahead and purchase it and wait for it to auto-download. :-)
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I heard from Dark Zero or whatever that uk website is that Rearmed got delayed again!! Is that true? Please tell me its coming this next week. 1942 is cool but we all want rearmed
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Thank You Capcom and Grin

You have read the minds of all the grown up 8-bit side scrolling fans. You have my support all the way! I think the next game you REARM should be none other than....Major Havok from Atari. I think Grin should be independent to work with all companies who developed these classics from the past.

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