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Totally BODACIOUS new songs!Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Monday 03-31-2008, 08:07:32

Holy shi [fiddlesticks!]!!!

Our man in Sweden, Simon Viklund, the director of Rearmed has just sent me a couple of new pieces of in-game music for Rearmed. The map music and the level 12 music.

I probably shouldn't spend time on posts about something as minor as a couple of in-game songs but HAWT DAMN, these songs are fantastic. You can totally hear the retro vibe in them yet they have just enough new backbeats that the old tunes don't grate on your ears.

I actually wasn't even a big fan of the original stage 12 music because comparatively it is a pretty weak piece but I am really enjoying the remixed version of it. We'll try to put up some more Rearmed music in the near future on the music player.

This project rules!



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Make a cd pls

Hey I would totally buy a cd with this songs of bionic commando, and actually I think a lot of songs from Capcom (game songs) should be made onto a really nice rythm like this ones, and sell the mp3's online...

Keep the good music coming, btw please post in the BMP the song from the video Challenge rooms, or something where the character is not fully drawn neither is the enviroment. Thx, u guys rock!

PS.- When is the game being released already??!!!
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Power Plant

hey screw3d2,

I think the track from that Challenge Room video you're talking about is called Power Plant.

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Live up to the challenge...

As a long time gamer, I've played everything from pong to the human hamster wheel at PAX. I dig the fact that you guys are bringing back BC as its been a long time coming... The original was way ahead of its time. However, with all this @#$@ing build up and delays, you better deliver or you'll have a hoard of angry gamers knocking at your door. Delays piss everyone off, lets hope this is for the better and not some marketing scheme...

As for the tunes, the remixes are alright, but sound like something redone for a Nintendo sound engine.

I'm looking forward to the release... hurry up and deliver quality...
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Hmmm, come to think about it, you should've grabbed neskimos or some other group from vgmix or ocremix group to spearhead the sound... check out their licks on they're ahead of the game as far as remixes of old tunes.
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NOOOOO!!! my orchestrated bionic comando dreams have been crushshed D: i have to do something to stop this!!! i need my orchestrated bionic commando theme! hmm i know i will post this message all over the site prehaps that will get some attention...
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Questions for Ben

Hey Ben,
I was wondering if anyone could ever contact you directly in a pm or something. I have been looking for a way to message you privately but I cannot seem to find out how. Anyway, I am maintaining a thread on BC and BCR. You should check it out. Also, I have some question regarding if there will be a chance for people to get into the mutliplayer beta at all?
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sound track


Bionic Commando is a real great game and there is a lot of good song from the newest game i love it all !!!!! so plz make a cd with all the songs from Bionic Commando

and on a other note you should remake the multi player rooms have it like for private 8 slots and for public 4 slots so u can go on a team with the party u started with it would make the game 10x better!!!!cuz i hate playing with friends and them being on the other team :(

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