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GDC Wrap Up Pt 1Vote Now!

Wednesday 05-03-2008

Bionic Commando had a great showing at February's GDC show in San Francisco, where new environments, abilities and a ton of new information were made public.

1Up's Jeremy Parish and Shane Bettenhausen speak with Producer Ben Judd

Destructoid takes a look at Bionic Commando and comes away pleasantly surprised

Gamespot's video interview with Ben Judd

Gamesradar preview Bionic Commando

The Orlando Sentinel give their impressions

GDC Wrap Up Pt 2Vote Now!

Wednesday 05-03-2008

We had to beat the media away with pointy sticks as they crowded around Bionic Commando...

IGN chime in with their thoughts

MTV's Multiplayer talks to Ben Judd

Gametrailers look at the shooting gameplay...

...take on a Biomech...

... and take to the streets

Gamespot World Premiere CoverageVote Now!

Friday 21-12-2007

Gamespot broke the story of Bionic Commando's return with a series of videos interviewing the team.

Go to Gamespot announcement video

Project Overview featuring interviews with Director Ulf Andersson and Creative Advisor Motohide Eshiro.

Go to Gamespot project overview video

Game Informer Interview with Ben JuddVote Now!

Thursday 01-11-2007

The Non-Traditional Commando: Game Informer sits down with Bionic Commando Producer Ben Judd for an in-depth discussion of how and why a new entry in the series came about, how Ben got started at Capcom, and what fans of the series can expect from the game in terms of gameplay and story.

Go to Game Informer Interview with Ben Judd - part 1

Go to Game Informer Interview with Ben Judd - part 2

Previews GaloreVote Now!

Friday 19-10-2007

Following a close look at Bionic Commando's gameplay at Capcom's Gamers Day event in October, Eurogamer wrote an in-depth preview, saying "the freedom with which Spencer can swing around seems quite intoxicating".

1Up also previewed the title at Gamers Day

IGN has a detailed 2-page preview

Gamespy's preview

Go to Business Week's preview

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