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Gearoid Reidy, Wednesday 28-05-2008, 08:17:36

We've just completed the second voiceover session for Bionic Commando, wrapping up a few loose ends in Hollywood and San Francisco with Mike Patton and the other cast members.

The best part of the process this time has to be killing our two "grunt" actors, ably voiced by the gravel-throated Fred Tatasciore and Andrew Kishino (pictured to the right). The standard-issue grunt is an enemy you'll come across many times in the game, and as such they need to have a varied repertoire of pained grunts, mocking taunts and raspy death cries.

Watching the wonderful Kris Zimmerman, our voice director, get just the right groans and screams from our guys was... well, colorful, and a disturbing insight into Kris' mind to boot. Rather than try to record groans for everyday deaths over and over, Kris comes up with some creative ways to elicit painful screams. Consider this exchange:

Kris: "I shoot you in the stomach. Bam!"

Andrew/Fred: *standard death groan*

Kris: "OK, I am ramming a hot poker into your eye."

Andrew/Fred: *groan of extreme agony*

Kris: "OK, now bend over..."

For more insights into the sick, twisted, but wonderfully talented mind of Kris, check out File 011 of the podcast, where you can hear her and Soundelux guru Chip Beaman spill the beans on some titles even bigger than ours.

In our busy schedule, we also managed to sneak in a quick interview with the man who'll be voicing Capcom legend Super Joe - expect that one in a forthcoming podcast.


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what can I say?

I've always admired Kris Zimmerman's work. I'm a kid at heart and I love all the work she does for games and cartoon network shows. She obviously does more then just those 2 things, but she's been one of my influences for my voice acting work that I do.

My friend and I write flash cartoons, he animates them, I voice them. Recently, we've submitted 2 Metal Gear Solid cartoons to the Newgrounds MGS collab. And for a non-professional untraind scotsman, I think I do Snake's voice pretty well.

He also has a cartoon series I do the voices for as well, I don't know if I'm able to post links of not, but here goes anyway. I'm not in the earliest cartoons, and obviously the newer cartoons have far better sound quality, we now have some amazing sound recording equipment.

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