The Bionic Arm

The Bionic Arm is an artificial limb composed of lightweight and durable graphite composite materials, and powered by a replaceable hydrogen micro-fuel cell. A dual-use artificial limb replacement / grappling hook with a 20m (65ft) cable is fitted as standard, designed to be capable of grappling onto almost any surface. The functions of the Bionic Arm allow soldiers to function at a level far surpassing the ability of regular troops, vastly increasing their strength and maneuverability.

What differentiates the Bionic Arm from regular prosthetics is that it is no mere replacement appendage - it is fully integrated into the host's nervous system, connected to the spine and brain stem and capable of processing and responding instantaneously to brain signals. It requires no more thought or skill to operate that one's own limb; over time, bionic troops have been found to prefer the enhancement to their own natural limbs.

The Bionic Arm was the first piece of modern bionic technology to be successfully attached to and controlled by a human host, developed by the FSA military intelligence agency TASC at a cost of over $500 million. Its unexpected success in a sudden field test subsequently led to the development of other bionic limbs and body parts; bionic-enhanced TASC Special Ops troops were feared in the battlefield the world over. Attempts to duplicate the technology by other countries have all met with the same seemingly insurmountable barrier - the difficulty in creating an input/output system that is capable of processing information as quickly as the human brain.

In the field, soldiers equipped with the Bionic Arm commonly use it to:

  • swing through the air as a fast means of travel, or to navigate dangerous environments

  • zip to surfaces to quickly move from place to place

  • scale tall buildings

  • rip down pieces of the surrounding area, to use as weapons or shields

  • throw large objects much farther than a normal human

  • punch and melee opponents and objects


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