Name: Spencer, Nathan

Rank: Major, FSA Armed Forces (dishonorably discharged)

The first TASC Special Ops "Bionic Commando" and a war hero from the Imperial Incident. Dishonorably discharged when he failed to obey direct orders during Operation Blackout. Spencer was court-martialed, and sentenced to death for treason.


After losing his arm to a grenade blast in the FSA’s early years, Nathan Spencer was assigned to TASC Research and Development division, where he became the first official test subject for TASC’s military-grade bionic technology. When TASC agent Joseph Gibson was captured by the Imperials during a recon mission, a behind-the-lines rescue operation was planned to get Gibson out. Spencer was transferred from the R&D division to TASC Special Ops. The mission was a success, with Spencer managing not only to rescue Gibson from the Imperials but stop their newly-activated weapons platform, the Albatross.

After the mission, Spencer was celebrated as a hero and TASC soon found their bionics program in great demand. Now under the command of Joseph Gibson, the organization flourished, and many other operatives were enhanced with bionic parts. As the original Bionic Commando, Nathan Spencer became responsible for training these new operatives. At the same time, Spencer began to undertake a series of high risk, covert operations. On one such mission, codename Operation Blackout, Spencer’s sense of justice came into conflict with the orders from his superior and friend Gibson. In refusing to kill two rogue bionics prototypes, Spencer disobeyed a direct order which ultimately led to the deaths of several TASC agents. Spencer was court-martialed, convicted of treason, and sentenced to death.


Having spent the last five years on Death Row awaiting execution, Spencer has now been temporarily reinstated due to recent events in Ascension City. Military Intelligence Clearance Beta is required for detailed information.



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