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Ben Judd, Monday 18-05-2009, 23:15:23

As you’ve probably already read in some interview, I’ve worked at the big C for over 6 years. From 10 hour translation sessions at major events, to testing games for errors, and finally producing a major title. It’s certainly had its ups and downs but now my first major packaged title is hitting the US stores.

Sometimes it seems surreal that a country boy from Ohio would end up producing a title like this in a Japanese company. Other times, it all seems like a blur. But the one thing that goes without saying is that after everything is said and done, it’s always been great to have such a great group of fans.

The scores for the game have hit high and low like I expected. I’d imagine even the original game would have gotten some low scores as well for being too hard. But, they are roughly equivalent to what Lost Planet got  (although the PS3 and Xbox scores are reversed) and I think that was a far underrated game when it came out.

So now that it’s all over, let’s have a little fun. I’ve started a thread in the forums here listing some of the “achievements” that we’ve accomplished over the last few years. For those of you who aren’t playing Bionic Commando already, feel free to join the thread and add some of your own achievements (or achievement you think we should add to our list of accomplishments)

The rest of you had better get out there and get swinging! It's the Summer... what else do you have to do!



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The wait is over!

I played this game religiously when I was a kid. Too hard? Lol if this game was too hard then you obviously didnt play it enough so didnt deserve to finish it!

Man this is gonna be awesome......

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