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Ben Judd, Wednesday 15-04-2009, 18:18:02

Not sold on the swing mechanic? Not a big fan of multiplayer but curious to see how it would feel set in the Bionic Commando world? Well now is your big chance. The map Vertigo will be playable on Xbox Live a few weeks before Bionic Commando launches.

Additionally, if you are one of those people who is too busy to be checking for new videos all the time on Xbox Live Marketplace you should definitely check out the video we have put up which features some footage from the Vertigo Map. I'm really happy to be able to make this announcement because Multiplayer has always been a blast to play and I have confidence that once people get their hands on this, they will see just how easy the swing mechanic is once you spend 10 minutes learning the ropes. Trust me, I personally am NOT someone who plays multiplayer games and even I like it which says a lot. Just hope that you don't get the PINK costume...

I'm sure a post like this will generate a lot of questions and requests... so rather than trying to field them one by one, here is a quick FAQ to clear things up:

Q1: Will the demo be released on PC or PS3?
A: We have only announced the 360 demo at this time. Any further questions on this point will result in a swift zip-kick to your ribs. 

Q2: When will the demo be available exactly?
A: In the next few weeks. And not a day sooner or later than that!

Q3: Why doesn't this feature single player?
A: Honestly there are 2 major reasons. One, we have pushed single player at lots of events, put out a ton of footage, and allowed lots of people a chance to try it out. With only a few weeks remaining before launch we wanted to focus totally on multiplayer since it is also a great part of the game that we absolutely believe in and feel everyone should try out. Two, believe it or not, in focus tests, people were actually picking up the swing quicker in multiplayer than they were in single player. Perhaps is the fact that multiplayer is standard and people just know the rules right out of the gate and therefore aren't afraid to take as many risks, but for whatever the reason, it will be the easiest way to get up and swinging the quickest.

Q4: How many people does this demo support?
A: 8. Again, pray that you don't get the pink costume.

Q5: Will I be able to pwn the Gromin online?
A: After listening to Kobayashi-san from QA on the newest podcast about their stance on playing retail games they have tested, I have decided not to use my already superior swing skills to break newbs into pieces. It just wouldn't be fair. I am a benevolent Gromin.

Check back for more details as they unfold!



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