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What happens at TGS...Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Friday 17-10-2008, 07:27:46

So it is finally over. The biggest game show this side of the globe. Tokyo Game Show. An event that we have been preparing for since February of this year.

8 months of weekly meetings

Several trips to Tokyo to negotiate deals with the key people who helped create the Japanese Bionic Commando Theme Song

Lots of money

Little sleep

And several interviews, 4 playable demos, and 2 stage events later, and we are done. I can say that everything went better than I could have hoped. The Japanese market is a tough one to try to sell Western-developed titles to but we did have lines of over an hour to play the game. Not bad.

Perhaps the tie-up with Mizuki Ichiro has helped? Perhaps the fact that the game has become more and more colorful over the last few months... or then again, maybe it's just the game's history.

But whatever the reason, I think this was a good step forward. To be honest, TGS didn't have the magic that it has had in previous years. Capcom really nailed it this year with our booth but I wasn't too terribly impressed with the other booths I saw. That's not me bragging, that is just me being honest. And trust me, I love Japanese games so I want our respected rivals to really knock us on our feet as well.

In case you haven't seen it yet, there was a pretty decent interview of me in a robe, and just above you can see a really nice picture from our stage event. It went off quite well, and Mizuki Ichiro was able to show off the swing mechanic and even perform a multiple swing in front of 1000 enamored fans in real time.

Now if a 60 year old Japanese anime singer can do it... I don't want to hear any more belly-aching about the swing. It does achieve the intended goal of giving the player more control but still making it user-friendly.

Look for more media updates from TGS soon.

Good stuff!



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