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A Tale of Two PackagesVote Now!

Ben Judd, Tuesday 30-09-2008, 15:16:12

One of the discussions I have constantly found myself in the middle of is which package art looks better. Do a search on just about any video game package in Google images and you may see several different box illustrations.

This is largely because, as my marketing bugs tell me, each territory has different tastes and styles. Fair enough. I would argue that while there certainly are differences, they may not be as pronounced as I have been led to believe. For example, the nearly legendary Mega Man 1 box art was probably created under the same logic but I don't ever remember wanting to play as a fifty-something holding a laser pistol and standing in an incredibly awkward pose. However, I am happy to say that the US/European box art and the Japanese box art do feel very similar.

To me the Japanese one feels like it has a large anime accentuation to it with softer lines and brighter colors. The US/European art conveys the brooding side of Spencer along with that air of mystery.

[I also notice that the Japanese Spencer stands up straighter and has much better posture - Gearoid]

Even our localization team split about 50/50 between which version they liked - not to mention the fact that the Japanese BC even  has a slightly different logo. I'm curious as to what you guys think? Vote on the new poll on the front page and let us know. It won't change anything... but it'll make us feel good!


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both are good (but)

i like the US better cause its nice and simple compared to the Jap one, but there both great! :D

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