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BC Weekly Field Report: #13Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Friday 05-09-2008, 13:03:37

We open this week’s entry with a special report from producer Ben Judd, who is holed up in Sweden overseeing the production of the 3D Bionic Commando. Ben?

“We're number 1!

...on GameRankings! ... in the recent top games section.

Still, it's nice to have the top spot on a site that also has so many heavy hitters up there. To put it into perspective, this is one of the highest scores for a Capcom game ever. It is our highest reviewed digital title and the rating seems to keep raising. Although there were some bumps along the way. In the next podcast, we will have a section where the GRIN team and I do an "audio post mortem" to discuss just what worked with the project and where we failed. You may or may not agree but still it's worth a listen.

So I'm starting to get settled in here at GRIN while we crunch to get out one of the most important milestones of the game. Everyone is working their butts off! Whether it's Rickard on the art team making sure BC looks as sexy as possible, or the 10 geniuses in the engine team that are optimizing the frame rate, everyone is putting their all into it. So, if you have time, give them all a few words of encouragement. It's always great to have a pipeline to the fans and you guys are what really keep us going.

Tack! (<- Thanks in Swedish)”

The Ultimate BCR FAQ

For any users that are stuck out there figuring how on earth you get past that block on Area 06, one of our great community members, eastxx, has created an incredibly comprehensive FAQ over on I remember when you had to ring up really expensive phone lines to get this kind of information…

In fact, if you want a helping hand in a lot of areas, check out BTHR Zero X’s two threads over at the forums:

Thanks as always to our dedicated community members for taking the time to share their superior eye-hand coordination skills with the rest of us! 

Fear This Man

But perhaps you’re the type of likes to watch. Yeah, you know who you are. And by that, I mean you’re the type who likes to watching players that are WAAAAY better than we can ever hope to be playing BCR. User Hudech165 not only beat Super Hard mode and filmed all of it, he beat the whole final level on Super Hard taking no damage (video contains spoilers, natch). Hudech165, you are clearly some kind of new sentient robot and you have our utmost respect and fear.

Simon Says

Finally, there’s an interesting treat for the many fans of Bionic Commando Rearmed and its excellent soundtrack – Kotaku has a revealing interview with Simon Viklund, whom you will know as not only the director of Rearmed, but also the composer of the soundtrack . (Have we mentioned that you can buy the soundtrack at iTunes or Sumthing Digital recently?)

If you want to learn more about Simon’s non-shady past and the artists who helped inspire his techno take on the BC soundtrack, this is a must-read.


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