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Off to SwedenVote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Sunday 13-01-2008, 14:31:48

Tomorrow we leave for the home of Bionic Commando developers Grin, with myself, Producer Ben Judd, and Creative Advisors Motohide Eshiro (director of Onimusha 2 and Shadow of Rome) and Minoru Nakai (director of RE4: Wii Edition).

We'll be spending the week in Stockholm, Sweden, which gets so little light in the depths of winter that the sun only shines for half an hour on a Wednesday afternoon. Fortunately we'll be cooped up in Grin's cosy Ikea-style offices, talking over the development of Bionic Commando, making the big gameplay and PR decisions, and raiding their Coke-filled fridge.

While we are in constant contact with Grin via email and phone, we travel to Sweden every three months like this, and it's a must for this kind of game development. As Ben is fond of saying, you can do what you can in ten emails with just one phone call, and you get the work of ten phone calls in just one face-to-face meeting.

International business trips sound so attractive when you're not doing them yourself. You don't realize that going to visit developers on the other side of the world means sitting for 12 hours on a Lufthansa economy class seat watching Evan Almighty on a 6-inch screen, waiting three hours in transfer, and then getting on a smaller plane that does not even have bad movies and landing in a country where the highest temperature is 15 degrees celsius lower than what you're currently used to.

12-hour days, constant translations back and forth from Japanese, 30-minute lunches that span all the way from burgers to pizza, and get-togethers late into the night mean we are usually glad to be back in our Japanese beds (after another 18 hours of travel and a second chance to catch Evan Almighty). But it's all worth it for the love of the fans! We just wish the fans could chip in to upgrade us to first class...


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