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Ben Judd, Wednesday 27-08-2008, 22:03:59

So, the site has a solid group of permanent members. We just had another 10,000 visits day on the website and I am freezing my butt off in Sweden! Bah! I only brought TWO pairs of pants! How should I have known that in
late August it shorts would be a thing of the past?!? I mean, the Japanese sun still feels like fire on your skin at this time of the year! BAH!

But anyways, while I am "taking one for the team" in Sweden (and allowing the Top Secret podcast guys to slowly lower the sexual innuendo bar to levels that are nearly "acceptable" by today's standards of good taste), a few interesting developments have occurred.

As Whiskey-boy Gearoid Reidy mentioned, we do in fact, have the 360 leaderboards up and running, and are working our hardest to implement the PS3 rankings. It's great to have them up there because they are for total bragging rights. Probably my favorite is McLean78 who cleared the Final Exam challenge room with a WHOPPING 1335 tries! Now that, my friends, is DEDICATION! And any game that can make you try something over a thousand times is either the best thing ever... or the worst!

Once we get the PS3 boards up and running we will start running some "community site challenges" to give away rare prizes, fantastic bobbles, and cool stuff based on different challenges that we issue to people who visit the Bionic Commando website. It will be a lot of fun pitting all of you against each other! Muwahahahahaha! Sorry, since I have to freeze my behind off in Sweden I need to have something to laugh at!

Finally, if you haven't done it yet:

BUY the Bionic Commando Rearmed Soundtrack. It's BC Director Simon Viklund's "other" masterpiece! And it's another small risk we have taken. If you are like me, then you probably dig good video game soundtracks. Only problem is that there really aren't a lot of them since Publishers rarely put the time and energy into releasing them. The BCR soundtrack is worth your money and especially if you think that we should have charged 15 bucks instead of 10, it's a nice way to pay it forward. If you want to be EXTRA nice, we would love it if you could write up a quick review of the soundtrack on iTunes. And of course all iTunes reviews of the Top Secret Podcast put a smile on our beautiful faces.

And with that I bid you a fond farewell.



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