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BC Weekly Field Report: #12Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Sunday 24-08-2008, 18:15:56

Before I get onto the main topic, I wanted to put a link to a recent Gametrailers video that shows off a side by side comparison of the original Bionic Commando with Bionic Commando Rearmed. It's hawt stuff!

Also, the current gamerankings review scores are as follows:

Xbox 360: 86.2%

PS3: 88.1%

PC: 91.3%

Yeah, that's um, high. The highest we've ever scored on a digital title. And the best part is that there are only 2 real major complaints:

1) The lack of no jump button   (Of which I would again remind people that it's Bionic Commando and you should not be required to add a jump button to everything).

2) A difficult to use D-pad   (The controls are analog so you will have the easiest time with the analog stick. We added the D-pad in there as an "optional" control scheme for old school gamers that wanted to experience the game like it was back in 1988).

Additionally, the site is growing and our forums are bigger than ever. We have a great community and I hope that the good coverage we have gotten on the 3D version means that some of you will be staying around in future months to see how the 3D version turns out.

In the last Top Secret podcast we had all the members guess how many units we would sell in one week across all 3 skus. While I have to admit, throwing out a number like 100,000 seemed pretty overzealous after seeing how hard digital titles are to sell, I still hoped we could reach that lofty goal. Boy, did I miss the mark.

7 days -- over 130,000 units.

Holy fiddlesticks!

That may not seem impressive compared to package titles that sell in the millions but compared to other digital titles that is a friggin JUGGERNAUT!

And while, it's great to have my first title be not only a critically acclaimed one but also a financial success, there is a bigger picture at play here that we need to look at. Consumers voted with their dollars. They basically have sent the message loud and clear:

We are tired of meta-emulated crap.
We want the titles of yesteryear to be paid the proper respect.
We want them done right.
And if the price is right, we'll buy.

Basically, we have set a standard in digital gaming. The bar has been raised and you have let developers around the world know that if they invest the time, money, and heart into making (and remaking) some great games, you will support that initiative.

That's the way it should be. I can't wait to see what the future has in store...

It's good to be a gamer.



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