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BC Weekly Field Report: #11Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Thursday 14-08-2008, 11:23:25

With Rearmed on virtual shelves over much of the world, things are really kicking off in the world of Bionic Commando. If this is your first visit to the site – welcome! Have a look around, and excuse the mess. You’ll find hundreds of other BC fans over in the forums – and don’t just lurk, get in there and post!

The BC Dashboard Widget

To start off - this is what we love about the BC community.

Over on our forums, user Jose Arvelo has created this fantastic Dashboard widget for Mac users to simply and efficiently catch up with news here at You can see it in action on my desktop right here.

Not content with creating a tidy application that rounds up news, the Bionic Commando comes in 3 different skins – Rearmed, 3D BC and an NES version complete with running sprite!

If you’re a Mac user with even a passing interest in BC, you owe it to yourself to download this. And we’re informed that a Windows version may also be in the works. Bravo Jose - this made our day.

Download the BC Dashboard Widget (541.75 KB)

New BCR Wallpapers and Icons

And speaking of downloadable user-created content, BC fan and uber-moderator dvincent has created the simple and sleek desktop wallpaper that you can see just above, and we’ve uploaded to the Wallpapers section, along with 3 other BCR-themed wallpapers and a new set of icons.

If you have anything – an app, an icon, a wallpaper or whatever – that you think other users would get a kick out of, post it over on the Creative Spotlight board, and we’ll put the best ones up here for everybody to download!

Wallpapers Page
dvincent’s Wallpaper (direct download)

1Up Interview with Ben Judd

Over at 1Up, occasional guest host of our podcast Billy Berghammer has a 4-page interview with Ben Judd that’s an interesting insight into the Japanese games development industry, with the kind of honesty that Ben can't even get away with here at

Capcom's Ben Judd Interview (

Ben on Major Nelson podcast

And if that’s not enough Ben Judd for you, Ben will also be making a guest appearance on Major Nelson’s podcast this Sunday. Check it out!

You can also catch Ben (and me!) on yesterday’s edition of IGN’s Three Red Lights podcast. And if you’re stick not sick of the sound of our voices after that… what the hell is wrong with you?!

Finally – 360 Leaderboards Issue

We’ve seen a number of users around the internet asking about the leaderboards in the Xbox 360 Japanese version of Rearmed – so we want to set the record straight.

Ratings standards require us to have two versions of Rearmed, the regular version on sale in most countries and a slightly cut version available in places with stricter ratings such as Germany, Japan and South Korea.

The leaderboards on these two versions are not connected, due to technical issues that are beyond our control, so it's not possible to compare scores - but you will be able to view both versions here and compare them when our stats tracking system is rolled out.

OK, on that note, we are out of here for this week. Catch us on the forums 24/7 – we want to hear what you think of BCR!


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