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BC Weekly Field Report: #7Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Friday 18-07-2008, 15:28:59

E3, jet-lag, time differences or just plain laziness? One or more of these is the reason this report is late finding it's way to you. But we think you'll agree, this one is rather packed.

New 3D BC E3 trailer and impressions

While others were busy with Resident Evil 5 and Ben prepared for BC's big showing at Comicon, Simon, Viktor and Gunnar from Grin were all on hand at the new, slimmer E3 to show off Bionic Commando. We'll have a full report back from E3 coming shortly, but in the meantime, click this link to check out the new trailer we unveiled at E3. Even if you weren't already excited for the next-gen version, you would want to be clinically dead if you don't want to play it after seeing this.

Bionic Commando on G4TV, hosted by Simon Viklund

Also E3-related, check out BC's appearance on G4TV, with special guest Simon Viklund (who, contrary to the content of the video, did not work for Capcom when last I checked). 

MS drops release date hint

And for you lot hanging in there for Rearmed - is vague information better than no information at all? You decide. But there is not long to wait for a concrete release date now!

Bionic Jam now on sale at iTunes

Vertexguy's rock'n'roll take on the Bionic Commando theme, aka "The Bionic Jam", is now available to watch right here on the site's homepage, and if you'd like to purchase it for the low, low price of just 99 US cents, you can now get it from iTunes here.

Don't forget that it's also available at Sumthing Digital. Let us know what you think!

Nothing to Do with Bionic Commando...

...but worth showing you anyway - it's a special t-shirt for Mega Man 9. Takeshita-san, the MM9 producer, was modeling this with great pride at E3, and Ben Judd claims to have been the man who inspired it. I just want to know how you go about finding someone able to draw something that is simultaneously crap AND awesome. I dare say this has even topped our Exploding Head t-shirt (best part - even though his arm is a gun, he's still holding ANOTHER gun!).

There's no topping that, so we'll call it a day... but Comicon is right around the corner!


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