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The Horror That is E3Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Wednesday 16-07-2008, 09:51:31

E3 has come to kick Gearoid's butt!

While attending big parties and playing competitor's new games has always been a great perk of E3, it really does put a drain on you. Especially if you speak Japanese and English like myself and Gearoid. I still remember my first E3 over 5 years ago. We had announced Steel Battalions and I had to demo it at our booth. That damn thing had over 60 buttons and it was "strategically" placed right below our giant video wall and ear-bleedingly-loud speaker system which meant I had to scream out the instructions at each of the people that came to play the game. I really could barely talk by the end of the whole thing. Of course we would have a company breakfast at like 7AM on the first day (which was after several press events, parties, and setting up the booth... so you are already ruined!) and I would have to translate in front of the whole company what the president had in store for us for the following year. Trust me... it was rough.

Well, now things have changed. Gearoid is hacking his way through E3 and being put through the paces. I hope they don't break our poor Gearoid but heck, at least he has whiskey. I'm sure he will go in a boy... and come out... a MAN!

So, enough of my ranting. One thing I wanted to do is post a couple of "Interesting things you probably didn't know about BCR" every week up until launch. Some are minor, others interesting, and some are just plain shockers. So here we go:

Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About BCR #1:

One of the challenge rooms was so difficult that our hard-core gamers in the Capcom Japan were UNABLE to clear it. They asked for Grin to make a video of how to clear it so they could see. Every time I watch that video it shocks me. This will NOT be something everyone can clear. This will separate the men from the boys.

We'll have more of these little tid-bits leading up to launch!



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