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BC Weekly Field Report: #6Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Thursday 10-07-2008, 10:41:38

There's no time for introductions! We have too much stuff to tell you to contain in one measly blog post...

Bionic Jam now on sale!

As previously mentioned here on the site, Chris Kline, aka Vertexguy, recently took the stage at the Iron Man of Gaming event to perform an all-new rock remix of the Bionic Commando theme. You can purchase the song at our good friends Sumthing Digital right now, and the song will be up on iTunes very shortly, both for the low, low price of $0.99!

You can get a 30 second preview of the Bionic Jam over on the Bionic Music Player to your left – and we’ll have an exclusive video of the performance up here very, very shortly.

Vertexguy is a true guitar hero and when you see (and hear) him in action, you’ll understand why. If you like guitar skillz, as many people said in your recent poll, then you’ll love this one (and if you don’t, then just get the hell out of here and don’t forget to close the door on the way out).

PSN Features and Medals Revealed

We’ve been running our mouths all over the web recently, most notably at this post at Of course, regular readers of the site will already know about the Remote Play feature Ben talks about in this post, but we’re also showing off some characters, weapons and the “Medals” that PlayStation owners can expect to see.

For owners of other platforms, we’ll have some more info on other Achievements and Medals right here on the community site very shortly, and also in other spots across the web (with special information for the Xbox 360 users - we certainly haven’t forgotten about you guys!)

The People vs Bionic Commando

Meanwhile, in a very similar location, we’re also running a little competition / Q&A over at the European PlayStation Community.

We’re opening the floor to posters to ask 3 questions to the developers GRIN, and the 10 people who have their answers chosen and responded to by them will also walk away with a sweet Bionic Commando t-shirt. Of course, you guys here at the BC community site can ask us anything anytime, if you don’t mind getting the patented Ben Judd “solid perhaps” as an answer.

Finally, Ben Says

“These next couple of weeks are gonna be big one. There’ll be some major comic-based announcements pertaining to Comicon and we are revealing a lot of new information around the net.

With all this information we may need to have little Gearoid working double time to get those blog posts up. So keep your eyes peeled and your blog-commenting-fingers ready!”

Unfortunately, I (Gearoid) am off to E3 shortly so we will have to get Ben to deliver the messages by carrier pigeon or something. Also, I do prefer to be referred to as "space-efficient".

Look forward to a ton of BC-related info shortly!


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