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Ben Judd, Tuesday 01-07-2008, 11:05:59

As always, I try to spend a few minutes looking over the comments that everyone is taking the time to post. I really like the community that we have going here. From one-time posters who occasionally peak out to share their excitement for the final product to regulars like the 2 Dans and Hyakitaki.

It's really a great exchange and helps us know what you want and let's us tell you what we can do.

A couple of things that are worth noting:

1) When you asked for a CD cover for the BCR soundtrack we created not only that, but some fantastic liner notes as well.
2) People wanted to hear the original tunes and we tracked those down as well. Again, we offered a nice CD cover with some cleverly designed liner notes (featuring yours truly).
3) The fans wanted the game on Steam and other digital distributors and we are making that a reality.
4) You asked for BCR to be 10 bucks and we listened.

So what is my point? Basically, it's that we are trying to give you what you are asking for. Of course, in the  immortal words of one of my Producer friends here: "Fans are greedy. They want everything when they want it and they want it for free".

While we can't give it to you for free, we certainly aren't going above and beyond the call in order to milk you for everything you've got. We want to make enough profit so that the BC series is here to stay yet also make sure that everyone feels that they are getting the most bang
for their buck.

Ok, ok, enough of my Producer talk. I'm just happy that we are getting so much BC love. Which brings me to my next point: the release date.

I know you all wanted to play this baby last month. And trust me, we are working as quickly as possible to get the job done. Again, launching a title like this on 3 SKUs worldwide sounds much easier on paper. So please try to bear with us on this final road to the finish line.

One other event that we are getting behind is a special presentation that our German Localizer Florian Seidel is giving at Marburg University in Germany. For obvious reasons, Localizing the German version of BCR was both a great headache and a great experience. Florian will be
talking about the detailed procedure he used to give "Master D" all of the proper impact he needed for the German market.

We'll be putting up some more information on his presentation after he comes back but for now this event remains open to the German audience only.


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