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BC Weekly Field Report: #4Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Sunday 29-06-2008, 05:30:28

Apologies for the delay in getting this update to you - there were technical problems in the field. But the good news is...

NES Soundtrack released for sale

The big news this week is that we’ve got some more BC music for you to blow your cash on – we’ve only gone and put a crystal-clear high-quality version of the original NES Bionic Commando Soundtrack for sale!

Because you asked for it, and we like money, you can buy it right here at Sumthing Digital for the low, low price of just $2.99.

Whatever about the BCR soundtrack, we certainly don’t expect to be making millions on this one, but there’s nothing wrong with a little fan service now and again! Unfortunately, it is not available on iTunes - we ourselves would have loved to release it on iTunes, but unfortunately their pricing scheme isn’t the best fit for this kind of album. We know we’ve got some crazy Bionic Commando fans here, but not crazy enough to spend 99 cents on a single 8-bit song! Er, right?

Plus – NES soundtrack cover

And since you have parted with your hard-earned dollars, we’d like to give you a little freebie – just like with the BCR soundtrack, we’ve prepared a CD cover and liner notes ready to be printed! If we do say so ourselves, if you’re a fan of pixilated 8-bit art you will love these. The liner notes are written by Ben Judd and the creators of some of the biggest Bionic Commando fansites – the guys who were singing Bionic Commando’s praises long before these new games were a twinkle in Capcom’s eye!

Click here to download the cover and liner notes directly!

The whole package is also available on the Fan Site Kit page.

Random Thing of the Week

While scouring the Internets for, erm, things, we completely randomly came across this fan-made 3D model of Spencer by 3D artist Teck Lee Tan. It’s still a work in progress, but we like bobble-headed super-deformed Spencer! You’ve just given us an idea for Super Puzzle Commando…

We wish we could put more pictures up here for you (grumble grumble), but this is one worth clicking on the link to see. Nice work Teck!

That's it for this week. Now we are off to rock out, 80’s style.


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