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Gearoid Reidy, Friday 04-01-2008, 07:43:23

Since the announcement last October that Bionic Commando would be returning to the world of videogames, there have been some questions that constantly crop up, and some myths that refuse to die. For the benefit of fans around the world, here are the questions that we are most frequently asked. And since questions alone wouldn't be much good, we've gone ahead and given the answers too.

Bionic Commando FAQ

Is this a remake, port, or sequel to the original?

Despite sharing the same name as the original, Bionic Commando is very much a sequel. The game takes place ten years after the original story, and stars the same main character, ten years on. Why does it have the same name as the original? We wanted the game to attract as broad an audience as possible, and since it has been 20 years since the original game came out, we did not want people to think they had to have played something else in order to enjoy it.

Can you jump in the game?

You sure can! Controllers these days have a lot more buttons than they did on the NES. We like to think that Spencer in the original could jump - you just couldn't tell him to.

Are there Nazis in this game?

I'm sorry, do you mean the Badds, the prosaically-named bad guys of the original? You'll have to wait and see but we're confident fans will be grinning to themselves from time to time.

Is Hitler in the game?

I'm sorry, do you mean Master-D? His head was exploded at the end of the original Bionic Commando, remember? We'd be impressed if he survived that.

How is this different from Spider-Man?

Let's rephrase this question: how is this similar to Spider-Man? And the answer is, only in one area: it has an element of swinging on it. However, whereas the Spider-Man games used fixed swing points or auto-controlled aiming, Bionic Commando's aiming is all down to the user. You can target and grab onto almost any surface in the game and use that as a hook point to swing yourself elsewhere - just like in the original. This is a game that really makes you feel like you're swinging through a cityscape.

Why is this not a 2D game?

Unfortunately for all of us who love 2D games, gamers these days seem to expect the full 3D experience. Customers have spoken with their wallets, and 2D games just do not shift the numbers they once did. In light of this, it is hard to justify the amount of money it takes to develop a next-gen title on a game that is in 2D, because gamers in this day and age are unlikely to spend $60 (or their local equivalent) on anything less than the full 3D experience.

Having said that, digital distribution networks are reaching more and more people, so we think 2D gamers will have plenty of choice in the coming years.

Is Nathan Spencer different from Rad/Ladd Spencer?

Rad and Nathan are one and the same. What we have discovered in the meantime is that "Rad" (or "Radd" or "Ladd" depending on the translation from Japanese) was actually Spencer's nickname. His real first name was the prosaic Nathan, and his friends just called him Rad - which came from when he was called "R&D Subject 1" during the development of his bionic arm. Seriously - have you ever met anyone called Rad? Didn't think so. Would you like them if you did? We doubt it.

Will there be a Wii version?

We all love the Wii, but right now we are focused on bringing this game out on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Having said that, this is Capcom - we like to bring titles to as many users as possible and if there is enough interest, anything is possible.

Why does the character look so different from the original character?

When the character was being developed, the art team in Capcom Osaka were consulted, and they noted that many of the original character's elements - such as the green jumpsuit or the sunglasses - were a necessity of the graphical limits of the NES, and that if the character was being designed today, he would look radically different. Not to mention the fact that there are so many different takes on the character, from the in-game sprite to the in-game graphic, to the box art for the NES and then again for the Game Boy version...Nathan Spencer's looks are constantly changing.

However, we've tried to stick to the core elements of the design - green clothes, unusual red hair, a bionic arm and some big weaponry - so that this Spencer looks as you might have imagined him, rather than exactly as you remember him.

Who is developing this game?

The game is being developed by Swedish studio Grin, under the supervision of Capcom Japan. The game's American producer is based out of Japan, and Capcom Japan has its own Creative Advisor working on the project. It's like one big melting pot of cultures, taking all the best elements to make one heck of a soup. Er, we mean, game.


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