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BC Weekly Field Report: #3Vote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Thursday 19-06-2008, 06:44:53

We have commandos! And bionics! And some combination of the above! All in this week's Field Report...

What’s that on his arm?

No, it’s not his copious arm hair (said to feel like a “young chick” – interpret that as you will) – our Ben Judd is definitely sporting something serious in the picture to the left. If your powers of imagination fail you so badly that you can’t think of what it might be, stay tuned! The reveal will be coming up shortly. If you think you already know… stay tuned anyway! It’s stupidly awesome.

New Music Announcement Inbound!

Ben Judd chimes in with this post about his second-favorite topic (after himself) – the music:

“We've put the BCR soundtrack out on iTunes and Sumthing Digital and the response was not bad - especially when you think that this is the soundtrack for a game that hasn't even been released yet. Even veteran media man, gaming prophet, and all around nice guy Mark MacDonald told me that he quickly threw his 10 digital dollars down and snapped it up on day 1. Good stuff.

But, we aren't done there. We'll have another hawt music announcement later this week and hopefully it will hit the sweet spot. As always we are listening to the fans and trying to give you what you want.”

Thanks Ben! And before you point it out, yes, we know that “what you want” is a copy of Bionic Commando Rearmed. Bear with us. While you’re waiting, why not…

…Enter Our New Competition!

As eagle-eyed readers may have spotted, we have a new competition up on the front page – and a chance for you to show off just how much you know about all things Bionic Commando (the chicks just love that, I assure you). The answers will take even the most dedicated Bionic Commando fan on a wild tour of this site,

The reward – a t-shirt proclaiming your greatest achievement. Rescuing a small, green clump of pixels named Joe.

Cap-come together, right now, over me

Finally, while this is the only place to come for fans of Bionic Commando, we here at Capcom do also publish some other, lesser-known, minor titles, like Resident Fighter or whatever it’s called. For all of those, we’d like to direct you to the newly-redesigned Capcom Unity, the community site for all things Capcom where, amongst many others, the 5 Capcom fans who will be joining us on next week’s podcast like to hang out.

Click here to go to Capcom Unity

But, don’t forget to come back once you’re done, OK? OK? Hello? Hellooooo?


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