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Announcing Multiplayer for Bionic CommandoVote Now!

Ben Judd, Wednesday 04-06-2008, 10:36:17

First off, the embargo for our recent Captivate event has lifted and there are tons of impressions out there swarming the internets.

For those of you obsessed with getting the latest opinions on the best swingin' game out there, you'll notice that most of them range from people who felt the controls were responsive and worked to those who felt the pieces still needed to be tied together better. That's fine, we still have some time and haven't even reached the full balancing and tweaking phase of development. However, one thing is for sure, most people found the game absolutely gorgeous which is something you just can't argue with - and won't if you check out our latest batch of screenshots. Additionally, let's talk about the latest announced feature:


...and damn, is it fun. It's been hard to keep silent on this feature. Every time someone compared the game to Spiderman - not necessarily a bad thing but still I think BC is a game that stands on its own - I so wanted to bust out this gem of a feature.

Did I mention it was fun? We've been playing it for over 6 months and it was gold right from the start. There is something about chasing down another opponent while swinging through the air that just needs to be played to be believed. The swing mechanic totally fits the Multiplayer and creates the perfect balance:

If you are swinging, you are hard to hit. But since swinging is such a flamboyant action, you end up getting the attention of other players who will know right where you are... if they can catch you, that is. The other side is that while you can shoot and kill enemies in mid-swing, your best odds of taking out the enemy will be when you are swinging.

Just like in real life, if you try to shoot someone while running, your accuracy is going to drop dramatically. Stand still though, and your odds are hitting will increase.

Knowing when to swing away and find a more stratigic point of attack and when to stay your ground, aim, and take your shot is part of the natural strategy that just occurs in a multiplayer mode with a swing mechanic. It really is fun.

Of course if you look closely at the video which should be up here on the site very shortly, being able to swing is only one of the cool moves possible. You can also zip-kick an opponent out of the map, which usually gives them one split-second to "save" themselves from falling by using the Bionic Arm. You can also get the drop on opponents with the powerful Death From Above move. And let's not forget nothing is cooler than "out-swinging" a Tarantula rocket.

Additionally, we will have in-depth stat-tracking and group match-making. All of this will be linked to the main site so again, we are all about community with this game and you are all along for the ride.

It's so much fun, I can't wait to get a playable version of Multiplayer into the hands of the press but that will be another story for another time. Trust me though, it's good. Real good. But for the moment check out the screens - both single and multiplayer - right here.


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