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Simon Viklund, Monday 02-06-2008, 11:52:47

I've written a pair of blog posts for in the capacity of creative director for Bionic Commando Rearmed, but today I get to write in the capacity of music composer.

I've been playing both roles during the development of BCR and I've enjoyed them both immensely. Bionic Commando was one of my favorite NES games partly because of the gameplay but also because of the fantastic music!

It's been a huge thing for me to be responsible for two such important elements in the remake. Not only have I designed boss attack patterns, decided how the weapons should behave and developed the concept of challenge rooms - I have had the honorable task of reinterpreting the NES soundtrack as well!

I've grinded, filtered and mixed - I've done a lot to these primitive NES sounds - but I haven't altered them beyond recognition. It's still the same formula - because it works.

Although the sound of the NES audio chip may be unsophisticated, the harmonies and melodies that the composers of the NES era squeezed out of it were quite the opposite. It's great music, quite timeless - and if I dare say so I think these updated tracks only prove that point. I think these remixes can please not only fans of the NES game, but anyone who enjoys some hard-hitting electronica.

The initial feedback on the music has been quite positive and that really warms my heart. If you have a question regarding the music (or anything else that I might be the right person with an answer to) feel free to ask away in the comments section of this blog.


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