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Ben Judd, Monday 26-05-2008, 22:18:22

So here we go again. Back on an airplane. This time I'm heading to the US for one of our major press events: "Captivate 08". (Yeah, it rhymes and I have no idea what they will call it in 2009 so don't ask).

Before, I drop in to the city that never sleeps (which is good because recently I, too, never sleep), I will be stopping off to visit a developer that we may be using to do a project with in the future, but that is another story for another time.

I should arrive in Vegas late Tuesday night to talk over some final details with the team. Grin has graciously allowed 3 of their staff to attend the event -- please hold off on any "Lost Viking" references if you see them. Wednesday will be full of last minute preparations and some licensing meetings. Then that night it begins...

Setting up for a major event like this is never easy. Not only does it usually mean putting together a new round of trailers and screenshots, but often times you need to prepare a demo for the press which is no easy task. I think you'll notice that the podcast for this week was just about as ghetto as they come because we had to cut and edit it on the fly. I promise they won't get any lower in quality than this one in the future, so please bear with us.

However, I can say that since we are going to be in Vegas with a lot of members of the press, I plan to grab some of them and have a podcast with a variety of different guys from different magazines. I don't know who is on the official call list yet, but if there are any names that you would like to hear from (in the gaming press) please feel free to list them here.

Speaking of demos, Captivate 08 (again, it rhymes) is going to be a major event for the Bionic Commando crew because it will be the first place that the press will get the chance to "swing" in the 3D version. Although we have passed some of our other trials which include internal review and focus tests, the gaming press is an entirely different beast. And a lot of the time, I've noticed that their first impression usually ends up being what their review is, so we really want to nail this. I guess we'll see.

Not only will the gaming press get the chance to play the 3D game for the first time, but they will also get full hands-on with Bionic Commando Rearmed! Lucky dogs! So expect to hear a lot of great Bionic Commando (and of course Capcom) news.

One last thing: Since we will be busy with the event this week, there won't be a lot of time for updates but I have prepared a little something-something in the blog post department that should keep you updated on one of the most anticipated parts of Bionic Commando... the music. So keep on dropping by and wish us luck... Something that we could all use in Vegas.



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