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Ben Judd, Tuesday 13-05-2008, 21:48:15

So one of the things that I have been seeing a lot in the news has been "bionic technology". They already have a real bionic arm for paraplegics that gives them real world operability and functionality. There are bionic frames that soldiers may be outfitted with in the near future, offering them near super-human strength.

I mean, this stuff is really, really cool! It's like what you would have read about in comic books 30 years ago, except it is becoming reality. A commando able to swing from building to building always seemed like something out of a cheesy action movie from the 1980s, but even now that is not nearly as ridiculous as it used to be.

Recently on Engadget there as a story about another cool technology that I first remember reading about in a game. It was "Snatcher", one of the other lesser-known great games from Kojima-san. I believe there was a bit of the story that talked about nanobots being injected into the blood stream in order to heal a wound quicker.

Again, something that really did sound like it fit in a science fiction movie, yet here we are... a few short steps away from making hemophilia a thing of the past.

Now all we need to do is learn how to revive dead dictators and our story is complete... er... then again, maybe that is one piece of the puzzle that we shouldn't try to pursue!



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