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Three Days of the Commando - Day 3Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Friday 02-05-2008, 07:05:08

So here we go with the third and final day of "Three Days of the Commando". I really like the editing for the new video we prepared for today, because it shows off some of the cooler weapons and moves that you have with the bionic arm.

So, let's talk about that... the weapons!

There are 9 weapons in total:

Weapon Type: Projectile
Your standard pea-shooter that works in a pinch.

Plasma Rifle
Weapon Type: Energy
A thin laser that cuts through energy shields.

Weapon Type: Projectile
The close-range weapon of choice, capable of downing a foe in a couple of shots.

Vector Cannon
Weapon Type: Energy
A laser that ricochets off walls. Great for attacking enemies who are hiding behind obstacles. Does more damage with each successive ricochet.

Weapon Type: Explosive
A slow-moving rocket that detonates on impact. Can kill most enemies in a single shot.

Weapon Type: Explosive
With about a 2-3 second delay before they detonate, grenades aren't the fastest of weapons, but they can be dropped down on lower platforms to blast unsuspecting foes.

Weapon Type: All
The best weapon in the game. Capable of mowing down just about any foe in seconds.

All weapons in multiplayer start upgraded which gives them the most stopping power. For example, the Revolver can usually only fire 2 shots at a time, but when upgraded it can fire 3. We don't want to spoil what the upgrades are since you will collect them in single player as well, but some of them are quite cool!

There are also two other kinds of pickup:

Energy Shield
Gives you around 10 seconds of invincibility but there is one catch - energy weapons can eat through the shield in seconds, leaving the hunter to become the hunted.

Health Pick-up
Replenishes lost energy to help keep you strong during the tough fights.

So now you know ALL the basics of multiplayer. Of course, some of this just isn't going to sink in until you actually get your hands on it, but keep an eye out for the reviews once the game is released - I have faith that if a few reviewers get the chance to spend some time with the game, they will enjoy this mode quite a bit.

Also, since I have your attention, here are some other things to check out in your spare time:

We recently did an interview with Kotaku about localizing a Western game for the Japanese market. Trust me, this won't be an easy task but we are up for the challenge.

We have added Area 05 music from BCR to the music player. Trust me, it rocks!

Finally, check out some of the great reviews we have been getting for the podcast on iTunes. People are really taking the time to write some really in-depth reviews and we really appreciate it. Let's hope we can convince management to keep the podcast around even after the BC games are launched! If you have iTunes installed, you can click on this link to go straight to the podcast iTunes page.

And, if you haven't listened to it and have a little spare time, check it out. I'm personally not a podcast person myself, but we certainly are honest and try to supply you guys with the most up-to-date information about not only BC, but other Capcom games as well.



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