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Three Days of the Commando - Day 2Vote Now!

Ben Judd, Monday 28-04-2008, 14:27:56

When we first showed off the multiplayer mode, we mentioned the cast of characters that you can choose from, and the fact that they all have different parameters.

Let's go through those parameters now:

Nathan "R.A.D." Spencer -- He is your all-round soldier with the perfect balance in weaponry, vitality, and strength.

Supervisor Joseph "Super Joe" Gibson -- Age and numerous military campaigns have taken their told on Joe. As they say, he's not as young as he used to be. However, what he loses in vitality, he makes up for with knowledge of the most advanced weaponry. If Joe gets his hands on the right special weapon, there is no equal.

Groeder (The Imperial Champion) -- Groeder is a mass of twisted metal and flesh. The perfect killing machine who has sacrificed his body for the betterment of the Imperials. No one can match his brute strength and his vitality is nothing to take lightly either. However, his bionic implants require an enormous amount of energy to power, which puts a massive drain on his special weapons. Groeder only gets a few shots with a special weapon so he has to make each one count.

Generalissmo Killt -- Like many other fat-cat leaders, Killt is not one for heavy fighting himself. But don't let that fool you - he has the most endurance of any fighter and a decent knowledge of advanced weaponry. Killt's low damage means he needs to really pin an enemy down to take them out. Fortunately, he can usually trade shots with an opponent and come out on top.

There is one more aspect of multiplayer that I would like to talk about during this post and that is the stages. First off, there are 10 different stages. One of the things that makes them most interesting is the fact that they are based on the Bionic Commando world. Most stages use some specific Bionic Commando background prop.

The first stage shown in the video put up today has explosive barrels. These can either be shot or thrown. See an enemy nearby and blast the barrel to give him an explosive reception or do it the old fashioned way--throw it.

The second stage takes place in the sewer and introduces a classic "prop" from the original game--slime. This stage can be deadly in that not only do you need to worry about shooting the enemy, but you need to watch out for the slimes that can very easily pull you down to your death. Some people have gotten good enough to use the slimes as a method of transportation while they focus on shooting the opponent. Any way you look at it, we're happy to have the slimes back.

Those are just a couple of the new props shown but here are some more to tide over the Bionic Commando fan in you:

Conveyer belts -- No classic 2D side-scroller would be complete without them!

Elevators -- It's time for some Elevator Actio... er, Elevator Warfare!

Quicksand -- A little more friendly than the slimes but still one more thing to worry about.

Gas barrels -- One of the Imperial's favorite weapons of choice.

Well, that is all for today's update. Check back later in the week for the third and final day of this community site exclusive, and while you are waiting check out the new podcast tomorrow where we have some of the press who played multiplayer give us their honest opinions of what they saw.



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