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Rearmed Producer Blown Away by RearmedVote Now!

Ben Judd, Thursday 10-04-2008, 09:32:18

As you have seen based on Simon's fine post, we are nearing completion of Bionic Commando Rearmed. Actually, I was visiting Sweden all last week to perform a final check in English and Japanese on the game and all I can say is that I was blown away.

The GRIN guys really have created a masterpiece here. Dare I say, the "perfect" amount of classic BC nostalgia for fans of the original while adding in some really, really nice secrets and new updates.

It's nice to see everything tied in together. The Shinkiro art-based cut-scenes are fantastic and really add to the story. The dialogue had some classic Bionic Commando cheese (not to mention plenty of fan service references). And of course, the music. So damn good.

To be honest, while I wasn't sold on the whole "electronic" type style that Simon was going for, I have changed my mind 180 degrees. The guy just knows how to do some amazing stuff with the classic 8-bit music. It's got the perfect blend of 8-bit with new rhythms added in to keep in relevant.

Oh yeah, speaking of which, Simon has graciously sent us some new tunes so we've put one up for you. This is the map music that I mentioned in an earlier blog post. Now, personally, the map music was always a very "strange" piece in the first place and the Rearmed version is no exception. With its clearly audible 8-bit beeps in the background, if you remembered the original tune this should hit the sweet spot.

OK. Obviously the jet lag is making me ramble on but we'll be back soon with an update on ratings now that we have received official word from the esteemed ESRB.


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