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Rearmed turns Gaming Press Members into little boysVote Now!

Gearoid Reidy, Friday 21-03-2008, 08:14:32

At our recent Digital Days event in the US, we roped some members of the US gaming press into testing their skills against one of our BC Rearmed Challenge Rooms – battling against one another for the fastest time and the right to be called the king of the swingers.

We’ve got to say, it was a mixed bunch. Gamespy proved to be the fastest, grabbing two of the top three spots with a top time that was damn impressive – only 1 second slower than Grin’s top time of 9.751. 2nd place was taken by OXM, while IGN and some members of Capcom USA’s fan community did not disgrace themselves either.

Sadly, a number of media did not manage to finish the stage within their allotted number of turns. Let their noob-ness will forever live in infamy across the internets.

One member of the press was overheard to say that “this mode turns men into boys… and boys into men.”

We could not agree more. The total list of men – and boys – is below.

1. Patrick Joynt , Associate Console Editor, Gamespy: 10.704

2. Ryan McCaffrey, Senior Editor,OXM: 10.724

3. Will Tuttle, Editor-in-Chief, Gamespy: 10.752

4. Greg Miller, IGN: 10.769

5. Alex Esquivel, Community Member: 10.797

6. Tom Price, Team XBOX: 10.81

7. Benjamin PerLee,Destructoid: 10.844

8. Craig Harris, IGN: 10.917

9. Brett Elston, Gamesradar: 11.678

10. Gabe Graziani, Gamespy, 13.396

11. Blake Morse, Game Revolution:14.872

12. Chris Morris, Community Member: 16.934

Dan "Shoe" Hsu, EGM : DNQ

Joyce, DNQ

Kelly Heckman, Gamers Info: DNQ

Gieson Cacho, Contra Costa Times: DNQ

Hilary Goldstein, IGN: DNQ

Hamsa Aziz, Destructoid: DNQ


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