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Gearoid Reidy, Thursday 20-12-2007, 17:31:49

Welcome everybody to the Bionic Commando community site.

In the crazy fast-paced world of the videogames industry, a title can be born, have a few sequels and fade into obscurity in only a couple of years. That makes it all the more amazing that twenty years after its release, Bionic Commando still means something to fans. Just think of how many Tetris games have come out since 1988, while our beloved Bionic Commando has only had two handheld remakes!

It's thanks to those fans that we've been able to resurrect Bionic Commando, and it's for those fans who've stuck with the series that we are creating this, our community site. Over the coming weeks and months we will be rolling out information, screenshots, movies and much, much more - basically showing you why this game deserves your hard-earned cash, whether you've played the original to death or weren't even born when it came out.

We're all gamers here at Capcom, and nobody is more aware than us of how many choices gamers have these days. We really do mean it when we say we have some absolutely colossal announcements coming up here on the site, the first of which should be due very shortly by my count. Even if you're not already a fan of Bionic Commando, we're pretty confident you will be soon.

In addition to our blogs with Capcom staff and developers Grin, showing you how the game is put together, we've also lined up some great regular features here on the site which we're not quite ready to tell you about just yet - sign up to our RSS feed or our Newswire monthly letter to stay informed.

While you're waiting, why not have a listen to Top Secret, our ongoing official podcast? Every other Tuesday, we discuss BC, Capcom and the industry in general with Producer Ben Judd and a different special guest - from Mega Man creator and Capcom Living Deity Keiji Inafune, to Kotaku journalist Brian Ashcraft. Thanks to the fact that we're based in Osaka, the craziest city in one of the most fascinating countries in the world, we can and will be talking to the biggest names at Capcom and the people who create your favorite franchises. Even if you're not a fan of action games, or the very thought of a bionic arm makes you physically ill, there is something in there for all games fans to enjoy.

We're happy to have you around here, so why don't you drop us a line, tell us what you think, or recommend someone you'd like to see on the podcast.

Have a happy festive season of your choice (or don't, we're not forcing you!).

Gearoid Reidy
Community Manager


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