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Captain Commando, Wednesday 27-02-2008, 04:40:23

Captain Commando here. Thank you for selecting this fun-filled blog post!

You might have heard about me on the most recent episode of the Top Secret podcast. If you're too young to remember, this is me. Look to your right - I appeared on the manual covers of dozens of classic games! But Lord, it's been an awful long time since anyone at Capcom talked about me. Now it's all Mega Man this and Ryu that. Frank West? Who is this guy? Leon Kennedy? Where do you think he got his haircut from, huh?! It's like I'm the cousin that "ain't been quite right lately" and nobody speaks about anymore.

They've got this whole blog going on over at Capcom USA these days, but they've never even called me up once. I introduced manuals for those guys for years! That's gratitude for you. That Bionic Commando guy gets TWO new games and I don't even get to appear on manuals anymore. I'm a Captain, damn it! I don't deserve this kind of treatment!

Sigh. The life of an unwanted company mascot is not easy, folks. I've only got the Cool Spot and Alex Kidd down here for company... and the less said about Joe Camel, the better.

Anyway, the Top Secret team have dragged me out here to give you an update on their New Year's Resolution Gauntlet Challenge, in case any of you missed File 008 of Top Secret. For some reason, those crazy fools decided to let readers choose bad and/or hard games for them to play and finish during 2008. But the draw was obviously fixed, because look at these:

  • Podcast host Gearoid Reidy - Scramble (made by those pitiful folks at our rival Konami)
  • Soundman Jon Airhart - Myst (the original PC version)
  • Podcast stand-in Andrew Alfonso - Wrath of the Black Manta (ermm...?)
  • Producer Ben Judd - Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe? Excuse me? People play that for fun! I appeared on the manual cover of Ghosts 'N Goblins, now there was a hard game. Kids today...

Anyway, they wanted me to thank all of you for sending in your titles, and express their gratitude that they didn't get some of those awful, awful games hidden in there. But as of now, not a single person on the team has actually even started their games! Guys, there's only 10 months left in the year.

Until next time... (oh, there's going to be a next time...)


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